The holidays are a great time to get something sexy and intimate for your woman. Intimacy gifts can come in many packages, and here are some obvious and not so obvious choices for sexy gift ideas:

1. Lingerie. Of course lingerie is always a big winner when it comes to a sexy holiday gift. The downside is that it’s not incredibly original, and is rather obvious as a sexy gift idea. Nevertheless it’s an easy choice and can work well.

2. Sex toys. This includes lotions, creams, oils, deserts, lubricants, and many other choices. Women are known to throw “sex toy parties” where the girls get together and similar to a tupperware party, someone brings an assortment of sex toys that they sell. If you hear of a friends girlfriend attending such a party over the holidays, an easy out in getting a sex toy as a present can be having your friends girlfriend pick up an assortment of items for you. Of course the personal touch would be finding a sex toy store and picking out items you think would work best yourself.

3. A sexually intimate holiday evening as a gift. This can be the most memorable and original gift idea. Planning a special night out followed with a very intimate holiday night alone together can be the most ideal sexy holiday gift you can give her. Your night of intimacy should be filled with new and exciting sexual intimacy techniques and tricks, that you haven’t practiced before. Preparing yourself by studying a lovemaking manual which includes hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques is very important in making it a memorable night, and a memorable gift. And, you could make the lovemaking book a gift for the both of you. It will literally be a gift that can keep on giving, during the holidays and beyond!


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Sexy Holiday Gifts For Her

Are you planning for a vacation at Florida? Well, that’s indeed a great idea, vacationing at a beach is about relaxing in the sunny warmth, swimming in the clear waters as well as making the most of the relaxed lifestyle. There are innumerable beach vacation destinations from where you can make a selection. The beaches in Florida are one amongst the finest examples of beaches. Each year, multiple Florida beaches receive awards by different organizations. Outstanding sandy beaches stretch as far as your eyes can see and the waterways, oceans and lakes attract anglers from different parts of the world. Starting from shelling, surfing to birding and hunting for treasure, Florida beaches have everything that will add to your vacationing glory.

Multiple Florida Beaches

The waters of the beaches are usually warm when compared to the rest of the beaches in the United States. The sand consistency of the Florida beach in the northwest along Pensacola as well as Panama City is extremely fine as well as white. Similar to this, Clearwater beach also enjoys the white as well as fine texture. Beaches lying close to the Atlantic are somewhat coarser in texture. The hard packed sand adds to the exquisiteness of the Daytona Beach.

Vacationing at Florida beaches

A beach vacation is surprisingly affordable. Be it salt or fresh water, beaches offers great fishing around. Whether you like the idea of sailing the wide open ocean or prefer wandering intricate canals for reeling in your catch, Florida beaches has an answer to all. Undeveloped and remote, these beaches are a shelter for wildlife, shorebirds and visitors who are eying on a tranquil commune with nature. We all know that sun and sand are great weapons to win the toddlers, but what’s unique about the beaches in Florida is that they are close to family accommodation as well as attractions. And guess what? There are innumerable beaches that welcome same sex couples as well. If you love partying hard, then have a great time enjoying nightlife in beaches. Beaches offer some great water activities like exploring the depth or riding the wave and have made a mark for themselves for their perfect winter retreat. Think for your own self- how great it would be if you get a chance to exchange vows on a shore against a sunset! For many, a sunset wedding is a thing to cherish till time immemorial. Beach side nuptials are pretty famous in Florida and this is why most resorts offer honeymoon packages to the newly wed. If you want spring break action, then Florida is the best place to plan your vacation. Florida is known for hosting some of the great beach parties in the sunshine state. So, why look for options? Start making plans for your vacation and have a great time at beaches.The Patagonia Xpress travels from Benoa Harbour, Bali to Padangbai before heading to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air before returning to Benoa via Bangsal in Lombok and Pandangbai. You may check the scheduling and pricing page for our current departure time Patagonia Xpress is the reliable, fast and comfortable way of reaching Indonesia’s famed Gili Islands. Reaching the Gili Islands is safe and easy thanks to the convenient services of the Patagonia Xpress. We look forward to welcoming you on board Patagonia Xpress!

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When Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll Become Hugs, Green Tea and ‘Come Dancing’

One day you’re on a fast track career, great social life, fabulous holidays, tickets to see the best gigs in town and always out on a Saturday night and then one day it’s all behind you. How did that happen? It’s not as if I want to wind the clock back and re-live that period of my life but I do object, really object, to my children convincing themselves that life is invented by them and that I was somehow born to a life of servitude for their convenience. It’s as if their sun is rising and, whilst mine is nowhere near even ready to contemplate setting, it’s in danger of becoming eclipsed!

No one is actually daring to use the term ‘midlife crisis’ within earshot, although my eighteen year old did suggest that maybe I was experiencing a ‘ Prime Life Conundrum’ which, considering his usual sensitivity on the subject of age, was very profound!

But why is it so scary to be ‘mid’ life. The middle is, obviously, equi-distance between birth and death. I guess it’s the ‘d’ word that scares us. Being half way there is drawing our attention to our own mortality, sending us spiralling into panic about our lost youth, time running out and life changing.

Change Can Be Good
The danger here is, I think, in our approach. Change in life is to be expected. Our problem comes in expecting otherwise. By transitioning through each life stage, for example from adolescents to early adulthood, through to grown up and then on to mature adulthood – and all this before even becoming at all old – we can, perhaps, feel more comfortable about the changes and begin to look at the benefits and natural highs of each era.

Being a ‘grown up’ brings with it wisdom, choice, and a sense of purpose. We no longer feel we need to hurtle at life at full speed and cease to care so much about being judged. We may not want ‘sex and drugs and rock and roll’ as a whole package, but as the baby boomer generation enjoys their middle years have we really decided what it is we do want?

This is not a time to look back but to look forward with eager anticipation. Our sun is still shining brightly and we need to be basking in its rays. I’m happy to share the limelight but I will not be eclipsed!

So, pass the remote, I think it’s time for ‘Come Dancing’!

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